UK Scientists Set Sights on Cure for AMD

Scientists are to begin clinical trials of a groundbreaking surgical therapy capable of stabilising and restoring vision of patients who currently suffer vision loss as a result of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

The therapy, using cells derived from human embryonic stem cells to replace the faulty retinal cells that cause AMD, will be developed by the London Project to Cure AMD – a collaborative project which brings together some of the leading specialists in the field.

Around 25 per cent of over-60s in the UK have some degree of visual loss due to AMD. Currently, there are no medical treatments for dry AMD although, nutritional intervention has been proven to help prevent the progression of the condition.

There is currently no treatment that prevents the treatment of dry AMD. However, there are a number of procedures currently available to help control wet AMD, although these treatments may not be suitable for all patients.

It’s hoped that the new stem cell therapy will help restore the vision of patients suffering from all forms of AMD.

Initial trials have proved successful and researchers hope that the 45-minute surgery will be widely available in the next five – seven years.

For more information about AMD download a copy of the Eyecare Trust’s AMD patient information leaflet.

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