National Eye Week 2007 to focus on eye care for over 60s

The Eyecare Trust today announced plans for the thirteenth annual National Eye Week. The week of high profile events and activities will kick-off on Monday 10 December and focus on eye care for the over 60s.

The 60 plus campaign will highlight how one in three people aged 60 and over are missing out on vital NHS sight checks and putting themselves at increased risk of avoidable sight loss.

Activity during the week, which has been generously sponsored by the Central Fund, will include a publicity campaign; the production of practitioner resource packs; the publication of a guide to caring for mature eyes and the launch of a website where ‘silver surfers’ can access a host of practical advice and information on common eye conditions as well as experience a vision simulator which has been designed to demonstrate the crippling effect that some age-related eye conditions can have on an older person's sight.

Iain Anderson, Chairman of the Trust said: “We’re delighted that the Central Fund has agreed to support this year’s National Eye Week. We hope to get as many practitioners as possible involved in the 60 plus campaign to help highlight the need for this potentially vulnerable section of the population to practice a good eye care regime.”

Good vision is so often a factor in the elderly maintaining their independence. The 60 plus campaign will investigate why so many OAPs fail to take good care of their sight and highlight the benefits of retiring with good vision.

The campaign will ensure that expert advice and information on how to maintain and preserve vision in old age – with the help of low vision aids and regular eye examinations for example – is made easily accessible.

For more information about the week and how you can get involved please contact the Eyecare Trust press office on 01225 423394.

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